Our Stories

Keith Dunnett


As I turned 20 I had concluded that God could not possibly exist. But I heard a presentation where the speaker challenged us to look at the evidence for Jesus Christ. That appealed to me, since I had been trained in science and engineering and had been taught to base my life on facts! I took a long hard look at the evidence for the resurrection – that almost 2000 years ago Jesus died hanging on a cross, that he was buried, and that three days later he rose from the dead. The more I investigated, both material in the Bible and from outside the Bible, the more I became utterly convinced of this historical fact.

That left me with some tough choices – if Jesus rose from the dead, surely he is the Son of God, and surely all that he said and did is true. I eventually fell to my knees and surrendered my life to him, receiving him as my Lord and Saviour. Since then it’s been a daily adventure seeking to follow wherever he leads, and live as he taught. It’s not always been easy, being a Christian is not an easy option, but the joy is I’m not having to do it alone: I know the presence of Jesus Spirit within me, and the encouragement of lots of other fellow believers.