Art Week

Dates and Venue

8-14 March 2015

The Barns, Christ Church, Northcourt Road, Abingdon, OX14 1PL

Who is Paul Hobbs?

Paul is a gifted artist and communicator, whose work engages a wide range of materials to wrestle with questions of human value, dignity and faith. He last showed his work at Northcourt Road in the ‘90s

He has worked as a teacher and has a degree in Social and Political Science.

Paul has exhibited at cathedrals, galleries, schools and festivals. He neither compromises on artistic quality, nor spiritual content.


Why the Title ‘The Heart of Things’?

imageThis is a title that Paul often uses to cover the range of his work, which asks questions of our core values, the way we relate to others, the ethics we base our lifestyles on, and the way we understand God.

His large Jenga-blocks installation “Ten Words” makes us think about how God’s menu for living connects with everyday news stories.

That said, some of his artwork is simply playful and bright. He calls it, “Palate cleansers” to enjoy between the more meaty materia


How will the week run?

Paul will spend the Sunday preaching and introducing the art.

Schools slots are being booked mainly for the first half of the week, so that pupils enthused by the art can return with parents and friends later on.

Evenings are being given over to dedicated slots: a civic night, Alpha, local arts groups and so on.

But anyone can walk in during the day for most of Monday to Saturday, with Paul on hand to answer questions.

Come and visit during the week!


For more information…

Derek Walker Ab. 528134

Janice Gordon Ab. 553971